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Seafood of highest premium quality

Our certificates

Quality & Sustainability

Our work and products are characterized by quality, diversity and sustainability throughout the value chain. Our way of working has given JO Food a position as a recognized supplier of premium products. Through conscious choices we always must be a driving force and contribute to a more sustainable fishing and to offer the best quality in all aspects. In close cooperation with customers and suppliers, JO Food AB actively works to continuously prevent and reduce environmental impact at all stages of the value chain.

Customer benefit & Commitment

Our offer, our products and care for our customers have made us a partner for many in the wholesale, retail and catering market. It is natural to us, that the best way to develop a business, is to work with closely with our customers, partners and suppliers to create new and common solutions. JO Food´s hallmark is to provide our customers with:
⦁ Consistent high quality premium products
⦁ Product continuity
⦁ Excellent attention and care to customer needs
⦁ Timely safe deliveries
⦁ Competitive prices
⦁ Product safety in accordance to existing laws and regulation
⦁ Sustainable seafood

Our history

We are a full-range wholesaler of seafood, a 30-year family company in the industry. Jo Food AB was founded in 1983 by Nils Jansson. In 1992, the brothers Thomas and Patrik Jansson took over the ownership and developed the business. In 2016, JO Food AB was acquired by Mondi Group AB. Today, with offices and warehouses, we are located in the fishing port in Gothenburg, in the centre of all action with regard to import and export of seafood.

Seafood of highest premium quality

We love good and high-quality Seafood. With many years of experience in Seafood, knowledge and curiosity, we always look forward to be able to offer the latest. Our frozen and refrigerated range is in constant renewal and is constantly evolving with new products and partners over the whole world.